Input dynamic Max. Length

By André Alho on 6 Jul 2015
The input text widget should have dynamic value (integer expression).

Curt Raddatz8 Jul 2015
You'd have to come up with a very good use case, in my opinion, before this idea would gain any traction.  Why would anyone want an end user to just dump unlimited text into a field.  I can't think of any case where that makes sense and if you really want something unlimited, like a file, you can just use a binary data field.
André Alho8 Jul 2015
I don't want unlimited length fields.

I just have dynamic forms configured at BackOffice. The users need to fill maxlength foreach field. I'm using extended property, but there is no need if developer can use OS Max. Length property.
Justin James9 Jul 2015
Use case: data-driven form system.

nick rowan2 Aug 2016

I know this idea is a year old now but it's still a good idea.

I have cases where I need to change the max length of a field based on another field. 

An example: I have an ID/Passport field, its length changes based on the Country of the user. I can do this check server side but it would be better to just limit the user on the client side in the first place.

Chris Woodruff17 Oct 2017

Has there been any movement on this?  I have a use case where a client can input values using a pre defined mask including the length.  For instance, if they are using a general ledger config for the Account where their chart of accounts has 6 characters (ie 101011) the mask is XXXXXX.  So I would want to restrict the users from entering more than 6 characters.  Another client may have a chart of accounts where they only use 4 characters (ie 1101) so in that case the mask would be XXXX with a length of 4.  Any help here would be great!!