Change the "Disable" button in "Front End Servers" to make sense

By Justin James on 8 Jul 2015
The "Disable" button in "Front End Servers" should not be called "Disable". The word "Disable" make it sound like clicking it will stop IIS/JBoss and the OutSystems Services, when all it does is keep the server from receiving updated code from the Deployment Controller... very, very confusing!

André Siébra24 Jul 2015
I've always been confused about this button. Especially in production "Front End" environments, where it's disabled for some reason.
Justin James25 Jul 2015
It shouldn't be disabled in them. I use it all the time in prod...

Shashank Diwan25 Mar 2016
I found that one of our front end node is disabled, checked with team but found no one manually disabled it. Is there any chance to have it disabled automatically ?

Justin James25 Mar 2016
Shashank -

That has never happened to me accidentally or automatically. You should reach out to support to see if they can find out how/why that happened.