Set "Default" button programmatically

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Sometimes you have two buttons that you want to have as the "Default" button based on different conditions. For example, if you have a screen with basic and advanced search, you want the "Search" button to be the default button, but you have a different "Seach" button in the If.

Created on 14 Jul 2015
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This would be great!


This would be super great to have.

That should already be possible with some JavaScript. After all, the default button is a client-side behavior.

There's more to it than just the behavior, there is also styling that comes with it too.


The style is the easier part - it can be easily applied by adding the Is_Default class name to the button. This works for submit buttons and for links as well.

The handling of the enter key should be a little trickier. But it could be done by including a "dummy" default button, and then writing the onclick extended property to delegate the click on the real (programmatically calculated) default button. Something along these lines:

onclick = "$('#" + RealDefaultButton.Id + "').click(); return false;"

Point is, this is a lot of work to do when they could just make this easy on us. :)


True! Especially considering how many of the other Attributes of Widgets can simply have expressions that resolve to Booleans in them.

We need this

I Agree with Justin. Turn it more easy for ud !

I also need this feature! Had to make some javascript code to bypass the lack of control of the default behaviour.