Infinite Loops. Add compilation warnings

By Miguel Mendes on 15 Jul 2015

You really should implement a process during compilation that detects and warns about infinit loops(ex: a function calling itself, a "bad" IF flow).  A simple distraction can easily create an Infinite loop that will shut down an entire environment.

 infinit loop.jpg
Justin James16 Jul 2015
Duplicate of:

Which is itself a duplicate.

J.27 Jul 2015
infinite loop of ideas? :)

André Siébra30 Jul 2015
hahahaa good J. 

Just fowarding the Leo recent comment about this: 

"Well... detection of infinite loops is not attempted by any programming language. And for a good reason - it's an undecidable problem in computation theory. This means that it's an impossible task for any given computer."

So I think to detect a function calling itself or a "bad" IF flow is not so simple as it seems...