Database Attribute Which is Part of Unique Index Renamed

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When Renaming an Attribute which is part fo a unique Index, deployment fails because system adds a New column in the table with empty data. At this point it will be nice to have some mechanism to instruct the system to copy the data from old column to new column before creating the Unique Index. Without this the uniqueness is not there and the deployment fails with an error similar to (Unable to upgrade database schema. Error trying to create index on database table 'OSUSR_Entity_Name' over fields 'Attr1,[Attr2],[Attr3],[Attr4]'. 
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). This is not easy to work with. 
  1. Only options here are to delete the Index deploy,
  2. Copy the Data from Backend
  3. Add the index and re-deploy
My application takes about 45 minutes to deploy so this is very labor intesive and the app has to be down for twice as long. Not very productive.
Created on 21 Jul 2015
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Wouldn't it be better in this scenario to have support for renaming attributes?