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We have a .NET platform, and we have a Java platform.  Node.js is reaching maturity and has exploded in popularity (to the point JS has surpassed Ruby in popularity on GitHub).  What if Outsystems had a Node.js platform?  The asynchronous nature of JS might be tricky, but might also improve speed and throughput if handled right.
Created on 23 Jul 2015
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I like it, but I fear it will never happen due to the open-source of node.js

Why would open source stop Outsystems from thinking of using it?  Aren't C# and Java (at least OpenJDK) considered open source too?  Aren't many of the components that make up the platform open source (not to mention the Forge)?
Hmm, true that.

I was more thinking, that if you use node.js, your stuff you create has to be opensource as well, especially when you "alter" certain pieces. With Java/C# that's different imho, it's a language, not a framework.

If Node.js itself is altered, you'd have to open source those changes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  You can make proprietary products with Node.js.  Netflix, Walmart, and Paypal all use Node.js.
Well, there are more things to consider.

How many (possible) customers are using node.js?
Is the investment of creating a completely new code-stack for the platform worth it?

I am sure, well I hope deeply, they are not blind to see developments in the world :)

Node.js would be a great addition

Can make REST and JSON service consumption easy with Node.js framework