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Given that had some of its WPF replaced with HTML5/Angular, I think it would be awesome if the entire Service Studio UI was built with such standard web technologies!  This would allow for Service Studio to be available for all major OSes, and would allow using Service Studio from the browser.  Having the Service Studio available literally anywhere would make many of us very happy and would dispense the need for remoting or virtual machines for non-Windows users!
Created on 23 Jul 2015
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Although I don't think you could actually achieve this the way you envision (using HTML5/Angular for presentation is something wildly different from rewriting everything that's currently in .NET), it would be nice. Also, I would like a forge component so that I could use it in my own projects :).
Don't like it :P

But I do support it should be available on different OS'es

Edit:  It would make some of us very happy.  :P

Hey Joshua,

Thanks for your idea (and sorry for only answering it now).

This is indeed our direction and, in the last couple of years, we have been re-writting several components and editors inside Service Studio to use standard web technologies. This has several advantages such as our own productivity, externalize the development of some parts of Service Studio (e.g. plugins) and more and more be platform independent.

We will continue torwards this vision!