Outsystems feedback to Community Ideas

By André Siébra on 24 Jul 2015
I was looking around the Ideas in the Community and I've noticed that so many great well-voted ideas were not done, even though they were 2010. This is a kind demotivating... OutSystems should give at least a feedback and close these items, as they will not consider them.
J.27 Jul 2015
Ah, the ever recurring complaint :)
Yes, I agree 100%. Sometime you get the feeling the Ideas is a bucket for the community to vent their "anger" and that's about it.

It would be nice to see some sort of roadmap or philosophy behind the platform.
Especially for the developers.
I understand some of the decisions, I support some of them, but there are tons of great ideas which are never implemented for unknown reasons.
Kilian Hekhuis27 Jul 2015
Liked, but I vaguely recall this has been ideaed before...