Customizable Scaffolding

On our radar
At our company we found the need for customizable scaffolding.

While it is possible to have scaffolded screens automatically use a style we found it would be handy if we could customize the scaffolding to automatically put actions like delete with our company style pictogram and change the edit into an edit popup with a special column for this edit and delete. etc. etc.
Now we have to manually put a webblock inside every new screen we create and alter it with the correct names/ids.

Really hope this feature will be in a future version!

Created on 28 Jul 2015
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On the theme's IntelliWarp Images we can define a default True, False and Info Balloon images. I would like to be able to define a default label for each of these images. this label would automatically populate the Image Widget's Label property when IntelliWarp is used.


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It would be great if we could customise intelliwarp and define how it will be behaviour, then we can auto generate screens the way we want it to generate.

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