Allow easy version upgrades of eSpaces

By Justin James on 10 Aug 2015
For the organizations using Linux + Java servers, upgrading the platform is incredibly painful because we have to republish each eSpace manually. I understand why... the code to do it is in Service Studio... which is fine... but please give us a way to automate this process, even if it is just opening the file and re-saving it to a local directory then making a Solution to publish.

João Melo10 Aug 2015
Creating a solution with ALL the espaces in your environment and publishing it doesn't solve your problem?
Justin James11 Aug 2015
Joao -

Not on a Linux server. It is unable to perform the automatic upgrade when going from 8 to 9. That code is buried in Service Studio (which is why you need to install Studio on the server!) and of course it's a Linux server so...

J.11 Aug 2015
ah, if we only knew how the commandline parameters of servicestudio are, then perhaps you can build a  script for it..

Justin James11 Aug 2015
I actually was working on that *when I posted this*. My current challenge is figuring out what hashing algorithm is used in the Solution manifest file so we can just pop the saved eSpaces back into the Solution and get them republished with one upload.


I already mentioned this to outsystems this is one of the main reason we are not using outsystems java stack!
Manually upgrading was so painful it was just not worth it! (this is not the only problem btw!)

I also provided outsystems with a solution on how to fix this! it can be technically fixed!  

Outsystems you can only upgrade the eSpace in windows because service studio can only be installed on windows!

Outsystems could either implement the code to upgrade eSpace on the outsystems platform server itself (now you dont need to install service studio on a production server, which makes more sense than installing outsystems service studio IDE on the production server, this never makes sense, would you install visual studio IDE on a production server???)

If outsystems is unable to implement the upgrade service in outsystems platform server itself, (this might be due to 3rd party libraries or other reason) well outsystems could link the production server to a "HOST" deployment server that is capable of upgrading the eSpace. This way now the "HOST" deployment server will compile the eSpace and push the eSpace out for deployment on to the production server! problem solved!