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Right now there are a number of things which are currently WARNINGS but need to be more forceful. The first one that comes to mind is the "Cross Join" warning. There should be a new type of ERROR (that will NOT allow you to publish) for these special items. They should be an "error" that keeps Studio from publishing... *unless* the user acknowledges the ERROR and then it becomes a WARNING.

The problem is, many, many, MANY developers ignore the WARNINGS. I can't tell you how many espaces I open with dozens or even hundreds of WARNINGS in them.

Created on 12 Aug 2015
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I think the problem is with the team, not the tool...
I don't see how changing the tool, with some tricks like this one, would change the attitude of the developer that doesn't WANT to make a good work.
Joao -

I tend to agree. That said...

Do you appreciate that OutSystems makes it nearly impossible to create a SQL Injection vulnerability? I know I do. Why? Because of human nature. Despite 20 years of screaming about query paramaterization, developers STILL will create those vulnerabilities out of laziness and ignorance. So instead of sitting around complaining about how lazy and ignorant other developers are, our tools just make it almost impossible for developers to do it wrong, and make it easy to do it right.

So yes... it's a sign of a dev team that isn't doing its job.

But we expect, demand, and require tools to help us do the job right, even with folks who are lazy or ignorant.

I like it.

(it basically adds up to be able to configure more of service studio :) )
Good idea. I agree with João Melo, its a problem of the team... but customize warnings would be very useful to avoid some stupid errors and improve the application failover.