[Service Studio] Get rid of the "hands-on"

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I don't understand why there is so much effort been put into the interactive hands-on demos in Service Studio. Better create an eLearning module on the internet. We've used the PDF's from the online developer training. and that's ok for a lot of people.
Created on 26 Apr 2010
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I can imagine this is very useful for starters.
It would be nice if you could show an "open issues / bugs" list for the given Service Studio version instead for more common users.
(Please make this configurable)

I have to agree here,

a 'stripped down' version of Service Studio, without the hands-on and interactive demo's would be useful for the more experienced developers. Or maybe a setting in service studio to disable the content. +1 for Eric's Idea
Make it configurable, but keep the content for beginners!