[ServiceCenter] Add the ability to auto refresh and republish an eSpace via ServiceCenter!

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Just like visual studio batch build, but for service studio batch eSpace publish/deploy.

Sometimes you change the producer eSpace, but now you have to republish all consumer eSpaces (there are many consumer eSpaces) in this case you dont want to open up each and every eSpace to republish it! (you just made tiny changes).

Therefore auto refresh and republish feature could be useful for this!
1) On the "Application_Edit" page, add a new "Refresh and Republish" option
2) User clicks on refresh, the service center software analyizes the eSpace
If no issue is detected (does not require manual refresh) service center will auto refresh all items (eSpace details, actions, entities, structures etc)
If the eSpace requires manual refresh service center will prompt the user to open the eSpace in Service Studio.
Created on 15 Aug 2015
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Build a Solution with the eSpaces, publish, that does this. I *think* "redeploy Application" does as well, but I haven't tested it.

This feature should be much like visual studio batch build feature, batch build will build all class library using the libraries you've referenced.

Whatever the logic you changed is either right or wrong, visual studio dont care! your a professional developer, you know what your doing!

However, If your method input parameters or output parameter change it wouldnt compile! Same should be true in service studio.

If you remove batch build from visual studio, its not going to be very efficent to have a developer rebuild each and every library manually is it? :(

Missing auto eSpace refresh is just like that!  
"Batch build" isn't the default in Visual Studio, and a Solution already does this from Service Center, and possibly an Application as well. So it isn't like the feature doesn't exist at all.

Are you *sure* you aren't asking for this in Service Studio and not Service Center? It's needed much more in Studio if you ask me, and there is at least one posted idea for that already.