Better insight of Code with some basic metrics

By J. on 17 Aug 2015

Outdoc, Discovery, service center are great tools to gain insight of your apps.
What I miss is a small part of code-metrics.

Per (screen)action I would like to see some metrics about

- how many input/output parameters (this can be already done via outdoc)
- how many action-flow-tools there are with some weight on it (assign will cost less than queries and for-loops)
- references of each (screen)actions

This way we can spot more easily the possible bottlenecks of actions (too large, too many time referenced etc. too many input-parameters) so we can do code-reviews more effectively!

afaik, this should be already available (since there is a basic count of SU's/AO's, outdoc filters out the input/output parameters)

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