Dynamically lookup a widget

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In the current Outsystems platform when you want to assign a ValidationMessage to a widget you have to select the widget from a popup box. This is very tight coupling making the validation a pain because now, you have to assign a validationmessage to every widget manually (in case of custom validation).

It should be possible to assign these validationmessages to the Widget.Id String  instead of selecting the widget in Service Studio.
The assignment of the Widget.Id could then be a function like: LookupWidget(<widget.id>)

This would allow us to "bind" the widget to our entities' attributes such that we can validate a complete form record in 1 go instead of widget by widget.
Created on 25 Aug 2015
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2 Sep 2015
Great idea :-)
4 Sep 2015
4 Sep 2015
Would that not cause possible runtime issues?

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