Multilingual locale batch operations

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Sometimes we have the exactly same text several times in an application. How about informing the translation just once?
Created on 26 Aug 2015
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27 Aug 2015
How would this work, interfacewise?
27 Aug 2015
We have already 3 buttons that apply one behaviour to all selected items. How about a combobox for the brhaviour (instead of the buttons), a text input field and an unique button to apply the settings (behaviour and translation) to all selected items?
27 Aug 2015
Hi João!

we already have a text input that filters the items by text, location, identifier or translation. You can use this to filter the items you want, select them, and after apply one of the 3 translations behaviors. This would not be the same?

28 Aug 2015
André, I think João wants to apply actual translations or the like. But I'm hard pressed to come up with a good use case for that, given the added complexity.
28 Aug 2015
Kilian, you're right. Some use cases: - No items to show... - New ... (action link) - Buttons: Search, Reset, Save So, if you have so many CRUDs on your application, I think this would help.
28 Aug 2015
Yeah, I can see the use case for that. Perhaps some default translation list or the like. So if you enter "Search", you automatically get the translation.
28 Aug 2015
Another good idea...
31 Aug 2015
Oh now I see, my bad... :)

Kilian, default translations seems nice!

João,  for a large CRUDs scenario, a not very good workaround would be export the language resource to an excel file, apply some logic there to translate and then import back. But yeah, inform the translation just once would be nice, good idea. Liked :)