Add parameter to AutoComplete to not highlight the best match when typing

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We have an AutoComplete widget on top of a recordlist with employee names.
When typing a part of an employee name, the first match is being highlighted.
When pressing enter, the highlighted result is searched for instead of the typed text.
You need a manual up-arrow or escape to avoid this behavior.

I've created a clone of the AutoComplete where I added an extra input parameter (highlightBestMatch) with the default set to True.

In the attached image you can see which part of the javascript is being skipped to avoid highlighting by default.

It is backwards compatible and doesn't break existing functionality.
Is it possible that this functionality is added to the default AutoComplete that comes with the platform?
 2015-08-24 13_37_51-'Input_AutoComplete' Web Block JavaScript.jpg
Created on 28 Aug 2015
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