Move exceptions between espaces

By João Melo on 29 Aug 2015
Sometimes I have to refactory my application and move some logic between espaces. But I can't do the same with the user exceptions.
Justin James29 Aug 2015
I had this same need a few weeks ago :)

João Melo29 Aug 2015
Cool.. The ideas must be merged. Can we do this?
J.31 Aug 2015
Not us, but the grandmasters!
Kilian Hekhuis31 Aug 2015
Well, an exception is only a name and nothing else, so I figure OS just thinks "copy/paste the name already and be done with it" :)
João Melo31 Aug 2015
Killian, and when I want to copy 10 (or more) exceptions? Wouldn't it be nice if I could do that at once?
Kilian Hekhuis1 Sep 2015

10 copies still needs ten copy/pastes. Also, it'd be better imho if exceptions could be public, in which case all this copy/pasting wouldn't be needed. Note that I did Like the idea, as I think everything should be copy/pastable, but the use case is better handled by allowing them to be public.
João Melo1 Sep 2015
Sorry, but I disagree. Think about a refactoring... I need to move 10 actions between espaces to maintain cohesion. Why should I place exceptions in a different one?
Kilian Hekhuis1 Sep 2015
Hi João,

Sorry, I misread your previous comment. You are right, if you need to move 10 different exceptions from one eSpace to another, copy/paste would be a time saver. 
Justin James1 Sep 2015
Copy/paste of the name isn't good enough, because when you move the Actions, they are looking for Exceptions that do not exist. You need to go find every error in the destination eSpace, look up the Action in the original eSpace, and see what Exception it was looking for. What a big pain in the neck!

Kilian Hekhuis1 Sep 2015
That would call for a TrueChange healing...