Define the Default value for attributes referencing a static entity

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I would like to be able to define the default value for an entity, for attributes that reference static entities.  Also on all my static entities I usually have one record which will generallly be the default.  It would be great if this record could then be added as default whenever used.
Created on 2 Sep 2015
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Sure, a bit strange that this is not possible.
If, say, 90%+ of your data has a certain value, you want to use that as a system wide default.

Without an entity default you have to set the default programmatically in every applicable screen.
Not nice for now (more work), even worse if it ever changes: you have to track down and change all code where this has been done :-(
Well... actually the problem is that we can't set the Default Value property for any FK attribute of an entity, not only Static Entities, I dont know why (I really wish to know).