Custom actions associated with entities

By Kilian Hekhuis on 7 Sep 2015
As a best practice, we typically have an eSpace that contains the entities for a given application, expose them read-only for use in queries, and have specific actions to save and delete records (which typically involve data validations and set some flag indicating deletion respectively). These actions naturally live on the Action tab in Service Studio. It would be nice to be able to associate them with the entities they pertain to, so that referencing the entities would automatically reference these actions (similar to the platform default Get, Update etc. entity actions are). Note that this is not the same as this idea (which is also great), as that's about automatic triggers.
So this should be a override of the existing platform Get / Update / Delete Entity actions?
J.7 Sep 2015
after rereading I finally understand what you mean, I think....

you want to attach public actions to that entity (and my guess is, you want to hide the common actions of that same entity)
in old school programming, it's inheritance, encapsulating and controlling :)

so, I agree 100%.
It's in the line of having better control of what other modules are allowed to do, how to do it and what not to do!

Kilian Hekhuis7 Sep 2015
@Matthias: more or less. If you expose an entity read-only, there are no Update/Delete actions, and we implement them ourselves typically.

@J.: Yes, that's what I mean.