Why not create some awesome application than be useful to everybody?

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An application that contains all the information(s) necessarily needed of everyone.
An application wherein the basics and advance information, answers, documentations, and solution can be found eassier.
Created on 12 Sep 2015
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I'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean? do you mean you would like a fully completed sample application from outsystems that you can use as guidance? 

There is no application that could encompass everything that anyone would want to do with Outsystems, no more than anything like that exists for Java or .Net.  And even if such a thing could be built it would be way too expensive to just give away. If you go to the Forge and click on Applications on the right side you will see a few simple applications in the resulting list that would get you started.  Find something that is similar to what you are trying to do, download it and play with it.

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WAIT! Found a new one! https://en.wikipedia.org/