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I know there are many, many ways to do the same process in Outsystems, but what if it could give "tips" about the most optimized methods made by other users? To clear a bit more my point here, let's imagine this situation:

You have to do, a verify and validation of a telephone number. The system is suposed to check on an existing database if the number actually exist or not. How would i do it? 

1 - Aggregate the said Database where the said numbers are listed on the preparation;

2 - Filter the number by the number typed on the field;

3 - Creat an action to compare if it matches the database;

4 - Add an 'on change' parameter on the field to perform the action;

5.1 - Save the valid phone number;  5.2 - Send an error message telling the number is not valid; 

That would work? Hm, i think it would. BUT, we could instead use a combo box with the already validated phone numbers and made it filter through autocomplete. That sound more efficient. But on community, there's this dude who could filter, check, and autocomplete the number with a single action on the screen. His solution is way more efficient in terms of memory saving, and execution.  

Okay, so what's the point? What if, there is a small function, you can enable or disable at will on outsystems, to "validate" your system, and compare, the functions, actions and all of your project, with others already made, and point up directly some optimizations you could implement on your code? 

It might sound silly, but i believe it might help a lot on terms of optimization, rendering, giving the developers and programmers more space to creat instead of worry with searching for optmizations that were already implemented in other projects of the community. 
Created on 15 Sep 2015
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Hi Oz,

I read your idea, and it looks something very interesting. Do you know any technology/platform that has something similar to this, and that we can relate to?

António Pereira
for some reason I like it.

I assume you are referring to a jsfiddle/plunker/github thing?