[Integration Studio] Import database, add the ability to detect when a table you added no longer exist (has been deleted)

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If you sync a database and use a deleted table in your app, an error will occur.

When using the "Import database" feature via Integration Studio, add the ability to detect when a table you've added previous, no longer exist (has been deleted).

Detection should occur when integration studio connects to the database server and has re-imported the database using the same database (same connection string) and also when the user selects to manually refreshed a given table.

Note: You might also want to add a method to verify the integrity of database via Platform database API. 
Created on 19 Sep 2015
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Note: Detecting deleted table is already a feature of integration studio, however there is a bug in BALi BETA 2 with MySQL imported tables, verify and refresh feature will not detect a deleted table; only when you click on "publish", integration is able to detect deleted tables.