Turn the SortRecordList (extension) into a built-in/system action

By Daniel Martins on 30 Sep 2015
J.30 Sep 2015
Even though I like the idea..


Daniel Martins1 Oct 2015

Hi J.
The functionality that this extension offers it's pretty simple and widely used. I just notice that could be one less extension to handle and to pay attention during one Platform Upgrade process.

Either to become a system component or a built-in action could be a good move.

Kilian Hekhuis5 Oct 2015
Why? Because sorting is so basic, it's a shame it's not part of the platform.
André Siébra5 Oct 2015
I agree with Kilian. Liked!
Hugo Ferreira6 Oct 2015
Just last week I was asked by a client why didn’t OS support sorting record lists and if he had to implement it using loops “by hand”.

3rd party components in Forge are normally seen as dependencies to avoid and preferrence is clearly given to components authored and/or supported by OutSystems itself.
David Salvador6 Oct 2016


I'm happy to announce that your idea is already available on the last release of the OutSystems platform 10.

Thank you for your time and collaboration in making OutSystems platform better.

Kilian Hekhuis7 Oct 2016

Hi David,

Does the new ListSort also support multiple sort, with independent asc/desc, and on any field, even nested ones?

Carlos Alfaro7 Oct 2016

Hi David,

The "Distinct" functionality was not added as a native function in platform 10 right?


David Salvador7 Oct 2016

Hi Carlos,

Here is the list of operations added:

  • ListAll,
  • ListAny,
  • ListFilter,
  • ListIndexOf,
  • ListSort

Better on ... take a peak at the new features of the OutSystems platform 10

Kilian Hekhuis10 Oct 2016

Hi David,

Instead of replying with a generic "try it yourself", why not answer our questions? To make it easy, they are:

1) does the ListSort also support multiple sort, with independent asc/desc, also on nested fields?

2) is the "distinct" functionality of the SortRecordList extension part of the new functions in P10?


Carlos Alfaro11 Oct 2016

Hi Killian,

I've found myself using more and more the Dynamic LINQ tool, for the flexibility of being able to filter, sort, aggregate and map lists.


Kilian Hekhuis11 Oct 2016

Cool, thanks, I'll take a look at that one.