Aggregate Basic functions in simple queries

By Ricardo Araújo on 29 May 2010
A "Group By" option it would be great, a SUM too
Matthias Preuter29 May 2010
It's cheaper to use Advanced queries (2 instead of 20 su!!), and you have more control over the SELECT sentence.
J.29 May 2010

adv. queries are more cumbersome. I like simple queries :)
Advanced are cheaper indeed, only also take more time to make.

Like this idea mostly for the group by function.
João Rosado31 May 2010
The result of simple queries is a record join with all the records of the entities required by the query.

With a group by the result would have only have a couple of fields and has no direct translation to entity records.

This is the kind of advanced operations advanced queries are for.
Same applies for aggregator functions.
If we could have this in a way that the simple query results would be hierarchical it would be awesome... Ex: add some special group by operators on simple queries so that you get a hierarchical structure returned
 - Customer
     - Order
          - Order line
... maintaining the optimization of only getting the used fields, etc...
This would be a great improvement for advanced queries and an even greater if implemented on simple queries
RFeitor7 Dec 2010
I like the idea of having the "group by" function available in simple query.