Aggregate Window View

By Cristiano Marques on 6 Oct 2015

I would LOVE to be able to move the aggregate window, either to resize it or to move it to a different monitor. Sometimes I want to be able to look to the remaining work and having to close and open the aggregate (or using the back and forward button) its time consuming.

Hope you consider it since its the only tool that doesn't allow us to do it (comparing to advanced querys and the old simple querys)

Keep up the good work!

João Pêgas6 Oct 2015
Yeah, I agree with Cristiano!! It would be great!!
Justin James7 Oct 2015
That was the biggest problem a lot of folks had with the switch to aggregates from simple queries, for this reason. :(


Kilian Hekhuis7 Oct 2015
Not only the full screen is a problem, but also that it's made part of the visiting history. I often find myself jumping between actions (there really should be a side-by-side view, but that's another idea), and looking inside aggregates, and the back button often brings me back into an aggregate i/o the action its in, and when visiting the aggregate again the forward history is broken, and I have to find the other action again, etc. Really dumb...
André Siébra7 Oct 2015
Yes! this and bring back the Query Parameters would be perfect! :)

Lets upvote this :p

Kilian Hekhuis17 Jan 2017

Yeah, but it is (secretly) already possible :) PM me for details :)

This was implemented and released on OutSystems 10!

@Rodrigo Thanks : )