Generic things - Support for Aspect Oriented Programming/Development (AOP/AOD)

By Hans Dollen on 12 Oct 2015
AOP/AOD will make your Code more clear, because you will compose the generic functionality in a separate place. 

With AOP/AOD you select
- where/when you want to do something extra's
- what you want to do in that case

e.g. When I created a user, I want to send an email. You don't have to create the send-logic in the createuser logic. You 'just' have to define that on Creating a user, (and perhaps as well on deleting a user) some logic will be triggered, that logic takes the parameters and sees the specific user and the logic then calls the send-email-logic.
This example is closely related to BPM, but for more technical things this can be done as well. 

Please comment your ideas about this topic and perhaps your ideas how you would like to have it in outsystems

J.13 Oct 2015
I am not sure how you want to visualize this in any other way than just create actions yourself?
which wrap the email, creating user yourself.