New Pricing Model

Not right now
  • Free Tier - personal environment w/ 1Gb data
  • Middle Cloud Tier - $20/mo per server with 10Gb data, 50 users, and custom domains but without enterprise customer support
  • Middle DIY Tier - $10/mo per Outsystems platform server instance
  • Enterprise Tier - $1600/mo for enterprise environment/support
Created on 14 Oct 2015
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I'd like to see a "middle tier" in order for experienced developers and small businesses & non-profits to gain entry to this amazing tool!
You're asking OS to make their platform about 90% cheaper? Yeah, that'll work :).
Granted I threw out a pricing idea that's not very realistic.  But at the core I'd really like to see a middle pricing tier in order to lower the barrier of entry.
bit cheap, but we should have a priced-personal-cloud environment yes :)
Yeah, the numbers themselves are definitely on the low side, but I like the idea. It's hard to proof-on-concept stuff when I know I have to go from "free on Personal tier" to "$1,600/month" (or whatever Enterprise Edition is right now).

But... I also have to remind myself who the target audience is (enterprises) and what the personal environment is for (learning), and that it's only a small number of vocal folks (us) who see OutSystems as the hammer for almost all nails, AND constantly dream about having our own startup company AND can't afford $1,600/month until money starts coming in. :D


Good idea!!!!

many software companies have a middle tier pricing model for smb, not crazy to ask.

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your idea. 

As commented by some other OutSystems aficionados the focus of OutSystems is on Enterprise software, as such the price point may not be palatable for smaller companies or individual developers. 

We aim to align the pricing with the value delivered to the client. We feel that the complexity and size of what is built, as well as who uses the apps and features built with OutSystems, are a better proxy than GB used or server instances. 

Right now our focus is on our target market, providing an enterprise grade platform to enterprise clients.