New Pricing Model

By Joshua Austin on 14 Oct 2015
  • Free Tier - personal environment w/ 1Gb data
  • Middle Cloud Tier - $20/mo per server with 10Gb data, 50 users, and custom domains but without enterprise customer support
  • Middle DIY Tier - $10/mo per Outsystems platform server instance
  • Enterprise Tier - $1600/mo for enterprise environment/support
Joshua Austin14 Oct 2015
I'd like to see a "middle tier" in order for experienced developers and small businesses & non-profits to gain entry to this amazing tool!
Kilian Hekhuis14 Oct 2015
You're asking OS to make their platform about 90% cheaper? Yeah, that'll work :).
Joshua Austin15 Oct 2015
Granted I threw out a pricing idea that's not very realistic.  But at the core I'd really like to see a middle pricing tier in order to lower the barrier of entry.
J.15 Oct 2015
bit cheap, but we should have a priced-personal-cloud environment yes :)
Justin James16 Oct 2015
Yeah, the numbers themselves are definitely on the low side, but I like the idea. It's hard to proof-on-concept stuff when I know I have to go from "free on Personal tier" to "$1,600/month" (or whatever Enterprise Edition is right now).

But... I also have to remind myself who the target audience is (enterprises) and what the personal environment is for (learning), and that it's only a small number of vocal folks (us) who see OutSystems as the hammer for almost all nails, AND constantly dream about having our own startup company AND can't afford $1,600/month until money starts coming in. :D