Drag/drop exceptions

By Kilian Hekhuis on 15 Oct 2015

If I can drag actions from the tree onto my canvas, why can't I do the same with Exceptions? Makes no sense... Please add this feature OS! (I'd almost call it a bug it's not possible to do so...)

Rebecca Hall16 Oct 2015
Wouldn't this be the exception handling components?
Kilian Hekhuis16 Oct 2015
I'm not sure what you mean. What I mean is this:

Just like with actions, I'd like to drag them onto the canvas, instead of dragging from the toolbar (tool column?), then selecting the exception.
Justin James16 Oct 2015
Yeah, look at that, it doesn't work. Odd!

J.27 Oct 2015
Indeed very odd.

Yep... Quite odd. An Exception to the rule (pun intended). 

No longer in OutSystems 10. Drag away!

Kilian Hekhuis25 Oct 2016

Yay! Thanks!