Allow Role management Dynamically.

On our radar
Instead of having to use CheckXXXXXXrole or GrantXXXXXXrole can we have something like
CheckRole("xxxxxx",User_Id), GrantRole("xxxxxxx",User_Id), Or RevokeRole("xxxxxxxx",User_id)
Created on 15 Oct 2015
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16 Oct 2015
These actions are already available...check the "Users" espace for implemenation.
6 Jan 2016
The only action I can find is a Built-in Function for CheckRole(RoleId, UserId), which can only be used in an expression and not as a separate action in a flow.
GrantRole(RoleId, UserId) and RevokeRole(RoleId, UserId) should also become available as user/system actions. They are currently not available.
6 Jan 2016
You can create custom actions for it without a problem.

6 Jan 2016
I know that custom actions can be created easily in this case, but that means that everybody that needs these actions, have to create the actions themselves. The bigger picture behind the idea-section, in my opinion, is to make Outsystems a better platform. When these actions are delivered with the platform, it would simplify the work for different people.
8 Jan 2016
Why would it simplify it?

If you are allowed to use "strings" to check roles, you only introduce possible runtime errors.
Not to mention, you can check roles in every espace even if it's not yuor own role.
It only makes it easier for developers, but I doubt it will improve the quality of the systems.