Be sure default text values for an entity attribute will fit

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This idea is the result of my stupid mistake but it seems like a simple thing to implement.  I couldn't figure out why I kept getting 'String or Binary Text truncation error' when I was attempting to create records in the database.  As it turns out I had a text entity attribute with a maximum length of 2 (for a two character state value) and I set the default value to 'New York'.  So, no matter what I did I always got the error until I realized the mistake.  I'd like the platform to check for inconsistancies like this and create a TrueChange error instead of trying to figure it out when the SQL fails.  It could save developers some debugging time.
Created on 21 Oct 2015
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I think a TrueChange warning would be enough.. but its ok, liked :)
Sure, a warnng would be fine.