Merge all the BPT APIs

On our radar
There are 4 producers with BPT actions: System, BPT API, EPA_TaskBox, EPA_TaskBoxExtension. 

There should be just one API for BPT, or at least 2 (BPT API and EPA API).

All the BPT actions from System should be moved to the BPT API.
For instance, we have the 'ProcessTerminate' action in System eSpace and the 'Process_Delete' action in the BPT API extension, and one complements the other (you can't delete a process with the API if its not terminated).

New developers only know half of the available actions, because they are all scattered around the modules.

It would be simplier if we only had one place to get all the APIs for BPT.

Created on 2 Nov 2015
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