Date format in Aggregates needs to match Service Center setting

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If you have an entity with date or date time fields and you view data in an aggregate, the values are always shown as DD-MM-YYYY, completely ignoring the settings in Service Center.  Normally this is no big deal but today seeing 06-11-2015 instead of 11-06-2015 (my expected MM-DD-YYYY display in the US) confused the hell out of people when I was showing them how easy it is to pull data with an aggregate.  I don't believe the old simple queries had this issue but I don't remember.  Please make aggregates display dates using the format as defined in Service Center.
Created on 6 Nov 2015
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9 Nov 2015
Hi curt,

seems logical.
yet, better make the title "Date format in Aggregates needs to match Service Center setting".
That's an idea...

9 Nov 2015
Title changed.  What's weird is today it seems to look ok.  Very strange.
16 Nov 2015
Hi Curt,

I've never seen the dates displayed as anything but yyyy-mm-dd.