Date format in Aggregates needs to match Service Center setting

By Curt Raddatz on 6 Nov 2015
If you have an entity with date or date time fields and you view data in an aggregate, the values are always shown as DD-MM-YYYY, completely ignoring the settings in Service Center.  Normally this is no big deal but today seeing 06-11-2015 instead of 11-06-2015 (my expected MM-DD-YYYY display in the US) confused the hell out of people when I was showing them how easy it is to pull data with an aggregate.  I don't believe the old simple queries had this issue but I don't remember.  Please make aggregates display dates using the format as defined in Service Center.
J.9 Nov 2015
Hi curt,

seems logical.
yet, better make the title "Date format in Aggregates needs to match Service Center setting".
That's an idea...

Curt Raddatz9 Nov 2015
Title changed.  What's weird is today it seems to look ok.  Very strange.
Kilian Hekhuis16 Nov 2015
Hi Curt,

I've never seen the dates displayed as anything but yyyy-mm-dd.