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You always have to use the Swap Connectors because True has to go down and False to the side for the exceptions. 
Created on 11 Nov 2015
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erm, why?

No J, he's completely right! I'm always very annoyed that if you drop an If onto a connector it creates a False, while if you put an If onto the canvas, then draw the first connector it's a True! Totally incosistent!

As for why "down" should be True: programs are far more legible when the main flow is expressed in positive Ifs. So this:

Is far better than this:

Agreed 100%! I virtually *always* need to "Swap" an IF after putting it in the workflow in the middle of an existing connector. That's a sign that the current behavior is wrong.

Meh, Yes, the mainflow should go down. No, it should not be always the true path. I like to have ifs logical , not infested with not's.
J, that's exactly the point. It seems though your logic isn't mine :)))
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Hello everyone!

Because I use the pattern of developing the flow vertically for the happy/positive condition, like "IsValid" or "IsSuccess" or "Customer found", I would like the platform, when dropping an IF tool in a flow to make the TRUE connector the default instead of the False.

Also, when deleting just an IF tool from the flow the connector that should stay connected should be the TRUE and not the False.

This all is also consistent to the fact that when you have an isolated IF tool not in a flow and you want to make the first connector, that first connector is the TRUE.

You can see an example of all of this in this short video that I made: https://www.screencast.com/t/4Vl2vGyrqYT


Tiago Bernardo

PS: I had this Idea for a long time but it all came again to surface after seeing the AI demo at NextStep 2018 in Amsterdam where in the demo the person had for 2 times click the "swap connectors" in the 2 IF tools that were added to the flow!

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As an additional remark, when dragging the first connector from an If, it's the True that's dragged, so the behaviour between drag (arrow) and drop (the Statement) is inconsistent as well.