Switch True and False in IF

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You always have to use the Swap Connectors because True has to go down and False to the side for the exceptions. 
Created on 11 Nov 2015
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erm, why?

No J, he's completely right! I'm always very annoyed that if you drop an If onto a connector it creates a False, while if you put an If onto the canvas, then draw the first connector it's a True! Totally incosistent!

As for why "down" should be True: programs are far more legible when the main flow is expressed in positive Ifs. So this:

Is far better than this:

Agreed 100%! I virtually *always* need to "Swap" an IF after putting it in the workflow in the middle of an existing connector. That's a sign that the current behavior is wrong.

Meh, Yes, the mainflow should go down. No, it should not be always the true path. I like to have ifs logical , not infested with not's.
J, that's exactly the point. It seems though your logic isn't mine :)))