Merge Statements and Bulk Insert, Update

By Ronald Grobler on 18 Nov 2015
I use table variable parameters and bulk insert, update and merge statements to deal with bulk data.
It is much faster than processing a single line at a time.

A tvp is in effect a structure and Outsystems has that already, so all that is needed is the ability to bulk insert, update or merge.

Justin James19 Nov 2015
Ronald -

Have you looked at the Asynchronous Logging extension? It's used for bulk INSERTs. As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually use SQL-style bulk insert, it queues things to be inserted, but it is still a decent answer for the need.

Ronald Grobler20 Nov 2015
Hi Justin,

That is a type of solution for when it does not matter how long it takes to import/export the data.

But when there is a time constraint then the bulk insert, update and merge is a must.
J.21 Nov 2015
It's pretty easy to bulkimport it yourself.
I believe there is an extension for it.
If not, I can dig up my solution for it.

In any case, it would rock if it's builtin