Automatically reference static entities that are input of referenced actions

By Kilian Hekhuis on 19 Nov 2015
It happens quite often that I reference an action, say RichWidget's Feedback Message, and that I forget to reference a static entity whose Id is used as input parameter to that action (e.g. MessageType), so that I have to open the Add/Remove Dependencies pop-up all over again. Annoying!

So, my idea is to automatically check any static entity that is used as input parameter by an action if I check the action in Add/Remove Dependencies.
J.19 Nov 2015

it's a deathtrap!
Took me a while for certain silkUi webblocks as well.

Kilian Hekhuis19 Nov 2015
The funny think is that they *are* actually referenced, but hidden. So why not make the references explicit? Seems simple.