Encryption API using Platform 9 Bali Private Key

On our radar
Following OutSystem Platform 9 Bali new features regarding security / data encryption:


It would be great if we could use the same private key to Encrypt/Decrypt our app settings.
We could have an API with some actions:
- Encrypt()
- Decrypt()
- GetPrivateKey() - if we want to use the same private key on other components like the Crypto API.
I already found the key in the Platform installation folder, so it's not hard to do an extension to use it, but it would be better if there was a system API for this.
Created on 19 Nov 2015
Comments (2)
24 Nov 2015
Added to GetPrivateKey to CryptoAPI.
28 Feb

Is it still true for platform version 10 to make use of GetPrivateKey method of CryptoAPI to get the platforms' private key?