Replace confirmation message 'Alert' with something like 'SweetAlert2'

By Carlos Henriques on 30 Nov 2015
OutSystems confirmation messages are simple alert() javascript functions. This are ugly, not costumizable and lack functionality.
They could be improved using a project like SweetAlert2:

André Siébra1 Dec 2015
I agree that is ugly, but alert() is browser native function, and replace it with another one will not solve the costumization problem. 
However, if we could customize it would be awesome.
João Melo15 Dec 2015
It could be done via a component... I'll try in a few days.
Matthias Preuter28 Dec 2015
Why not use the RichWidgets\Feedback_Message component?
@Matthias, you can't get confrmation from the user with the Feedback Message widget.