Application Object In-Depth Details or Breakdown

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It is often that we would want to see how much of our Application Objects are already consumed. Yes, we had the numbers under Licensing. But wouldn't it be nice to have something that when you click a number it will show you the breakdown for each application? That is, count of screens, entities, web services and connectors. Would be helpful as well if listing of these criterias is provided.

This is very important in terms in design, budget and sizing of future projects.

Created on 3 Dec 2015
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Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for you comment, estimating Application Objects is something that becomes easier with experience and additionally the reuse of application objects is a main factor to take into account when sizing a new app or feature.

One of the big plus points of OutSystems is the application object reuse. This means that if we structure our portfolio correctly application objects can be reused across apps. This means that we should look at the number of objects over the portfolio and not necessarily on an app by app level.

For example: if we have an entity, let's say a product table that is used both by a catalog app and a contract management system, that entity would only count once, not one time per app or system.

As we build more with OutSystems, and assuming we apply best practices in terms of reuse, the more we build the "cheaper" it becomes to build new apps and features because we can leverage exiting components from other apps.