Anchor element to improve action layout

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Simple actions, no problem. Large ones with lots of steps and intricate steps, big readability problem!
We all have seen it before: in order to avoid overlapping connectors, someone somewhere at sometime decided to "use" an assignment element to reroute the connector, ie, made an angle from A to B.
I suggest creating an element (with little or no SU cost) that can be used to redirect a connection between two elements to prevent it laying over other design elements.

Created on 3 Dec 2015
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Instead of creating a new element, just allow someone to drag and drop the connector line so it curves, similar to when a cycle is created when using the For Each element.
Yeah, or be able to make them Berzier curves or something. Would give some flair to the angular code :). That said, I think we've had this idea before, but I'm too lazy to search.