Outsystems Built-In system eSpace, Application, Extensions - please add prefix to avoid naming conflict with user's application name.

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When outsystems develops a system application (eSpace, Extensions), could you please given it a prefix to avoid name clashing with user's applications.


Created on 10 Dec 2015
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10 Dec 2015
Not sure if I want that, but at least make them reserved names....

10 Dec 2015
J, i know what you mean, the problem is naming conflicts, what to do about this issue? 
11 Dec 2015
This is part of a broader issue that I ran into a long time ago.  The web site I'm creating takes applications for licenses so I wanted to create an entity called Application which seemed perfectly reasonable to me.  Every time I did that it created Application2 as it turns out that the Outsystems platform has a built-in entity called Application.  When I first started I assumed all these internal things would have some prefix, like OS as suggested above, so these conflicts would be very unlikely.  Unfortunately, that is not the case so I had to change my entity name to ApplicationData because I didn't want Application2.

IMHO all this internal stuff should have a prefix but maybe it would be too big an impact to do it now.