Forge 'Try Now' Pages should be in one common public site - an Outsystems App Store maybe?

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Lately I've run into a number of Forge components that have 'Try Now' buttons but the try now page fails.  This is typically because most of the user created components are now using their own personal edition environments to maintain those web pages.

Recently a number of these personal environments are either completely gone or suspended.  While the recent improvements in the Forge for version 9 are great, it's a real pain to click the 'Try Now' button, watch it fail, download the component, play with it for a while and realize it doesn't do what you want.  Seems that the Forge needs to be more like an app store where there is at least some documentation (most have none), a working 'Try Now' button and at least some assurance that installing the component won't screw up my environment.  (This was a bigger problem in the past, less so now.)
Created on 10 Dec 2015
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I agree.

I have a couple of items on my own cloud-site but not always available to check and update them.
However, would like to join the "group" of maintaining a public forge-site.

I still want a github-type of checkin's though :)