Notify into Webblock

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It would be nice to have a notify into a webblock.

We can send information from a webblock into a screen, but we can't send information into an webblock without refreshing it causing a rerender of everything inside the webblock.

It's almost like calling a webblock screen action from inside a screen action from the parent screen/webblock.

This would allow for more dynamic screens
Created on 12 Dec 2015
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We also need this!
so how do you expect this to work?

- webblock has to know which screen the notify is coming from.
- how do you prevent a infinite loop of notifying the webblock notifies screen, screen notifies webblock, webblock notifies screen, screen notifies webblock.

further more, WHY do you need it?

The behaviour would be similar to have a hidden button inside the webblock, and click it trough javascript on the parent window.

The webblock would expose a screen action to its parents, and the child screen action could be called inside a parent screen action (much like a normal action).

This would be great for big webblocks with lots of content. Imagine you only want to refresh a small part of the webblock, the parent would call the exposed screen action that does this refresh.

The only way to have an infinite loop is to have a notify on the webblocks exposed screen action and to call that exposed screen action on the parents notify action and not have any control if the action was called (very easy thing for a programmer to control)
I think I am with J on this.

There has to be some rules/principles that the platform is based on and I think this is one of them. WebBlocks can not be notified peroid and the paltform has been built on that and other principles. It may be restrictive but as a sotware developer  as we all are I think we can see why it is a principle and removing it now multiplies the complexity expodentially outweighing the benefit at this stage of maturity of the platform. My vote would be live without it but if designing the platform from the begining it would be nice to be able to notify any 'building block' of a window.