There should be a dummy database for training

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I am going through the training and what I am missing is that there hsould be some dummy database with some Schema (eg HR schema of Oracle) in the training cloud plateform so that we can Test database related stuff as well. In real life scenarios we need to connect to tabel, call procedures and functions, instead of bootstrapping the entities from Excelsheet.

I hope I am clear with my intention.

Created on 5 Jan 2016
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5 Jan 2016
In the personal environment you can't connect to external databases or call stored procedures or functions.  Much of the training and much of the value of Outsystems is being able to create your own application which, at some point, you may need to link to some external data.  And the bootstrap process is so easy!  Database design is critical to making a well performing and functioning application.  Skipping the steps needed to create the database seems counterproductive - at least to me.