Publish ECT as a Forge Application

Community Forge
Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2018

Just like OutDoc and some other apps developed by the Outsystems team. This way the community could contribute a little bit for this application to get better.

Created on 8 Jan 2016
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Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2018

Hi João , 

During this and next quarter, we will work hard to grow the forge into a marketplace of high-quality components.

We will:

  • Review supported components based on usage and criticality
  • Provide an additional trusted level, for open-source components curated by OutSystems
  • Clean low-quality components from the forge, either improving or dropping

So I have set the status to “Working on it”. 

I'm not sure if the solution is to publish ECT but we will find a solution.

We expect it to be ready during Q3. I’ll post an update once it’s done!


Ana Sequeira