Fix those darn focus stealing already!

Service Studio
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Service Studio has serious focus issues. For one, if connect from Service Studio to another server (and have opened eSpaces on another server), the new instance goes behind the old one. More than once I happily opened an eSpace in the "old" instance. Also, when publishing, with every line in the 1-click-publish Tab you lose focus. In pre-9 versions this didn't happen, and I typically started a publish then worked on another eSpace - not so now! The focus is reverted back to the publish window every time, even if you try to work in another instance. Third, and perhaps worst, when opening an eSpace, with every modal window popping up (and there's a bunch), Service Studio more often than not steals the focus away from other applications. Today I opened an eSpace, switched to Chrome to check something, and Service Studio stole the focus back. I reported all this ages ago, when platform 9 was released, but they still ain't fixed! Perhaps y'all can like this idea if you're equally annoyed.
Created on 19 Jan 2016
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sneaky little focusses!

Sometimes it better to make an idea instead of reporting, this could be one of those +1