Make publish to personal area it's own button

By Nicholas Ladas on 23 Jan 2016
To help facilitate small changes and as unimpacting to the main CI "branch" as possible, it would be nice to have a setting to switch, or a separate button entirely, to publishing to a developers personal area vs main eSpace. Many developers forget, or don't know, to publish the multiple small changes to the personal area for tweaking and then publish to the main eSpace once satisfied.
Braxton18 Feb 2016
I don't even see the publish to personal area button. Where is this?
 We have several developers and the constant comparing and merging we're all doing in the public area is REALLY hurting our efficiency.
Nicholas Ladas18 Feb 2016
That's exactly the point Braxton, there is no button. Your developers have to know to hit F6 or click in the menu. Thank you for affirming my use case :)