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When I drag an action out and it implores me to Select Action, I would love a short section up near the top of the tree for Recent Actions, especially when I am using actions from Extensions or system actions like ListAppend.

-- Ritchie Annand
Created on 2 Feb 2016
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what's the problem with just typing the name of the action?

No prob, but it is slower and tiring because you need to search something that you've already searched. In addition when we have so many actions, can be confusing if you are searching only by the name.

If you use it very frequently, then you probably know the name. ;)


There's nothing "wrong" per se with typing the name of the action, but we already have that.

An MRU is useful when dealing with a cluster of functionality in an extension, because there's often a create/add/produce cluster (like with StringBuilder) or a create/check/add/get cluster (like with TextDictionary or List) that you deal with repeatedly.

It's also useful for reusing actions that are generically named. There are often tens of actions containing Create and tens of actions containing the keyword for the thing being created, just because it's pretty procedurally-heavy and relies on old procedural-style naming conventions.

(I remember naming things after their records in Turbo Pascal 5.0 :) )

As it stands, the general search beats out the Select Action for utility in this regard.